A Consulting Firm Focused on Nothing but Slack

ChatOverload provides solutions for businesses who use the Slack communication platform. ChatOverload creates software and application integrations to elevate your team’s Slack user experience.

ChatOverload Expertise

ChatOverload was founded in December 2016 as the first ever agency focused on Slack. Since then ChatOverload worked with 100s of companies on Slack related tasks. On the technical side ChatOverload optimizes Slack Workspaces by building tools, apps, bots and integrations for companies, organizations and governments. On the Admin side ChatOverload consults, trains and on-boards leaders within orgs to get the most out of Slack. ChatOverload features a superstar team of internal communication pro’s, UX designers, technical bot builders, API experts and no-code architects.

Our Focuses

Slack Automation Setup

Custom Integrations

Slack Audit

Customization of Slack

Slack Optimization

Slack Webinars and Office Hours

Integrating Existing Tool Stack

Slack Training

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